A Dress to cover up the dog bite

A Dress to cover up the dog bite

What an interesting week it has been! Long story short, I got bit by a dog while walking to my friend’s house (as per usual), which is only about 0.2 miles away. I turn onto her street, and see 3 dogs running outside. They start barking at me and running towards me. They don’t look like vicious dogs and I don’t think much of it, until one actually bites me .. in the butt. It was from behind so I didn’t see it actually doing it, but it did hurt! I tried walking away as fast as I could and an owner was out on the opposite side of the court. He called the dogs over sternly said “sorry” to me. I said “it’s ok” in a not-so-ok tone and continue walking hurriedly to my friends about 4 more houses down!

So sorry if some of these photos are a bit risqué or TMI, but I wanted to include what I was hiding/covering/dealing with underneath. This was my outfit to work (and a double-date after work) the day after it happened. I took the bandaging off at this point, but I did clean it and bandage it up with the help of my friend! ❤ –


The outfit – 

Dress – Topshop Self tie dress in 0P (love that Topshop sells in petite sizes!). Got it last year but still wear it regularly. Love how classic shirt dresses are, and this color is my favorite! Also I love that the sleeves are just right and not too long. It has a nice tie at the waist and is slightly longer in the back.

ShoesVia Spiga Dinah Ankle Strap d’Orsay Pump in size 5.



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