Same floral blouse goes to work.

Same floral blouse goes to work.

Woohoo! We are headed into another week! This morning, without giving it too much thought, I reached, 2 mornings in a row now, for the same Maxwell Silk floral top as yesterday (see post HERE) . You may call me a blouse-repeaterer. I felt I didn’t get enough appreciation out of it on just Sunday, wearing only about 5 hours ;). So here we go, same blouse goes to work with me –


Love this May weather California is having – not too much heat yet!! Fingers crossed… I actually love overcast & cloudy days 🙂 And don’t mind rain – I love rainy days! Just wind… it’s wind I don’t like. I like all weather but wind…… And 100 F degree heat can become bothersome after a while also.

I must say, I felt very well put together in this outfit. I love these pants. These shoes are very cute AND comfortable. The blouse is silky and floral-y and my hair seems to be liking the change in shampoo and conditioner.

Thinking of doing some beauty posts also! Nordstrom is having the May beauty event so I may have made an impulse purchase… Very excited about it! Will share what I got when it gets here!

Outfit details – 

Top / Blouse – Madewell Silk Shadowpetal Top in size 00. (Posted more info on previous post HERE)

Pants –  ATM ANTHONY THOMAS MELILLO  Five-Pocket Moto Leggings in size XS. (Another work-pant investment, I absolutely love these! 26.5″ inseam, score! Love the way they fit me! Kind of like how the leggings / pants look me BETTER than on the model online even! What!?) On the model –


Shoes – Naturalizer Megan Black Leather T-strap Pump in size 5. If you wanted to see more up-close pictures of these, no fear! I will be wearing these plenty more, so except them to make a frequent appearance here 😉 THEY ARE SO CUTE AND COMFORTABLE. I HAVE NO PROBLEM walking in these around the office all day. Plus your feet are strapped in there well, so no heel-slipping, and also no slipping slipping because they have decent grip on the bottom.) Might get them in the nude color also… hmm…..

Cheers fellow petite & non-petite style seekers! ❤


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